Southern Gluten-Free Dinner In Atlanta

Gluten-Friendly Dinner

Before you order, please tell your server if you are allergic to gluten. Keep in mind that our dishes are prepared in kitchens that handle many other wheat products and, as a result, may come in contact with it. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is 100% free of gluten.

Gluten-Friendly First Flavors for Dinner

Local Smoked Trout Crostini holy trinity relish 10
Pimento Cheese our b&b pickles, celery, 7
Roasted Oysters fennel cream, charred lemon, andouille crumble12
Duck Confit fava beans, spring onions, preserved lemon, chili gastrique 15
Pickled Shrimp shaved vegetables, pickled jalapenos, watercress 11
Salmon Tartare kentuckyaki, old bay mayo, house chips 15

Gluten-Friendly Seasonal Salads

Local Lettuces today’s seasonal vegetables, mustard vinaigrette 8
Bourbon Cured Smoked Salmon mushroom- kale salad, creole mustard cream, egg 13
Golden Beets shaved chioggia, blood orange, local yoghurt, spice hazelnuts 11
Heirloom Tomato Salad watermelon, radish, pickled shallot, feta, balsamic drizzle 13

I love this place! The fried chicken is amazing. The ambiance is fabulous. The wine list pairs well with the Southern cuisine.
—Felicia M., Google

Gluten-Friendly South City Specialties

Pan Fried Chicken Livers country ham, caramelized onion jus, parsnip puree 8
Pulled Pork BBQ scallion-hoecake, horseradish slaw 9
Springer Mountain Farms Grilled Chicken collard greens, red bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jus 19
Shrimp & Geechee Boy Grits our tasso ham, smoked tomato-poblano gravy 21
Smokey Grilled Pork Chop patty pan, sunburst squash, baby bok choy, bbq peanuts 27

Gluten-Friendly Southern Plates

Pan Roasted Red Fish baby carrots, english peas, patty pan, county ham broth 30
Local Vegetables carolina gold rice cake, molasses curry 18
Carolina Trout heirloom bean salad, radish, roma crunch, hazelnut romesco 23
Venison Saltimbocca country ham, sage, butter peas, leeks, sundried tomato 32
Pan Roasted Duck heirloom rice, snow peas, baby carrots, chilies, creole-citrus glaze 30
Chuck Eye Steak fingerlings, vidalia onions, sweet peppers, green tomato salsa verde 26

Gluten-Friendly For the Table

choose one, two or three of the below items to be enjoyed family-style at your table. Selection serves 4-6 people.

Heirloom Bean Salad radish, escarole, smoked beans, walnut, feta 20
New Orleans BBQ Shrimp french bread,  black pepper butter sauce 45
Crispy Pork Belly steamed buns, bourbon chili sauce, herb slaw, pickled vegetables 32

Gluten-Friendly On the Side

collard greens 6
fingerlings, vidalia onions,  sweet peppers, salsa verde 6
heirloom rice, baby carrots, snow peas, chilis 6
butter peas, leeks, sundried tomato 6
collard green kimchi 6
field pea succotash 6


Gluten-Friendly Dessert

Bruléed Banana Pudding sweet cream, lang du chat 8
Gelato or Sorbet please ask your server for today’s selection 7